ICGL was founded in July 1997. The course we use has been designed over twenty years by the Director, Ms. Rusudan Amirejibi.

The overall organizational goals of ICGL are to promote language education, particularly that of the Georgian Language. We are active in trying to improve the standards of Georgian Language instruction for ethnic minorities in Georgia including Azeris, Russians, Armenians, and Abkhaz as well as trying to improve the standards of teaching in schools to Georgian children. In addition to this, we are very active in preparing for the return of the Meskhetian Turks and in working with non-Georgian speakers abroad.

Georgian is a non Indo-European language and is by far the largest language in the Iberian-Caucasian family. It is not related to its neighboring languages of Russian, Turkish, Azeri, and Armenian. Still using its own alphabet, one of the oldest in the world, it is currently spoken by approximately six million people. Georgian language is extremely important to the Georgian people. A complex but rich language it is very worthy of study. We offer the most comprehensive and systematic curriculum and the most qualified and dedicated instructors. Whether you are an armchair traveler, a potential tourist, a conscientious expatriate business executive, or a dedicated kartvelologist, we can offer a tailor made program to fit your interests.

Our goal is, for those that sign up for the course, 1) to bring speaking, reading, and listening proficiency as quickly as possible, 2) to provide students with knowledge of the structure of the language studied and necessary building blocks for future study, 3) to provide an understanding of the cultural traits of Georgian communication.