Our methods are based on more than twenty years of practical experience and applied research. Our teachers are all highly educated linguists and experienced university level professors who are fluent in English. In addition to their excellent qualifications and practical experience they are specifically trained in our methods for our program. Friendly and helpful, our instructors give students every encouragement to communicate in the languages we teach, Georgian and Russian.The staff of ICGL meets often to assess our programs and methods and refine them, using reflective practice, action research and application of functioning principles.As mentioned before, we are actively expanding our schedule of languages for instruction.
Beginner Course
Our Beginner's Course is composed of twenty-five, carefully scripted lessons with graduated levels of grammar, vocabulary, functions and fluency. Our programmed lessons build upon each preceding lesson in a logical sequence that gives the learner that continuity that is so necessary to comprehend the content and purpose of each lesson; you will know what you are studying and why, you will use what you know and improve.How quickly a student progresses through the Beginner's Course depends on the student's willingness to study and apply the principles and content of our program. Study is always crucial to learning any language and here in Georgia we have the best possible environment for your language study.By the end of the Beginner's Course, ICGL studen's know the entire alphabet, read simple texts, and are able to conduct basic conversations with native speakers on common topics such as weather, relationships, family, age, work, buying and selling.
Intermediate Course
Intermediate level study is conducted manly in Georgian (or Russian). Focus will be in spoken conveyance of more complex ideal, ability to read at a newspaper level and more subtle comprehension. At the end of the intermediate course, students will be able to hold or understand a conversation and to read and write simple texts at a newspaper level.
Advanced course
Advanced level of study gives the ability to carry on the conversation on a large variety of topics in proper Georgian (or Russian).
Tailor-maid programs
Upon your request we will design a program specially to meet your specific requirements, including but not limited to crash courses.
We offer examinations in order to move from the beginning to the intermediate level and from the intermediate to the advanced level. The examination will include speaking, writing, reading, translating and listening comprehension according to the materials covered.

After the examinations, students will receive a report and a certificate, which states the course they have attended and the level attained.